Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love being married but...

So marriage is great and I'm getting used to my new name however sometimes I miss my old one. And here is why. Under my old name my animal power was ring tailed lemur now it's vampire bat (I went from cute and furry to scary and dark loving.) Now my 'Numerology' number is 5. which means 'that you are adventurous, mercurial, and sensual. You seek growth through adventure and different life experiences. Although you are a critical thinker, you can sometimes over-ponder an issue.' before my 'Numerology' number was 3 which means that 'you are enthusiastic, creative, optimistic, and fun-loving. You seek self-expression through words or the arts, and enjoy learning through life experiences.' I'm not sure which I prefer in description but I much prefer the number three... The multiples of 5 are so predictable. Also previously there were estimated only about another 177 people in the US with my name now there are nearly 1700! Either way though I'm well envoweled.

I'm sure your curious how I have come up with all this stuff about me. Well I was googling myself and came up with the site: http://www.isthisyour.name/. And it was them that told me all about myself. Now i'm going to go let go of my inner ring-tailed lemur and connect with my inner vampire bat. I decided I needed some pictures to illustrate the change in me...

Here I am as a ring-tailed lemu and 3....
Now here I am as a vampire bat...(okay I'm techinally dressed in a tiger dress(story in an of itself) but it's all the same scary right.)
Now here I'm a five... you can guess which trait I'm illustrating (I'll give you a hint... it's not adventurous and I don't know what mercurial means. This picture was spring break of freshman year.. I had just dyed my hair dark for the first time and was clearly obsessed with looking at my new look so I took A LOT of pictures of myself...)

(This was gonna be a really short quick post and I was going to get back to studying.... With getting pictures off an old computer and photoshoping the big old zit off my face in the middle picture it's taken atleast an hour..... oops!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Colorado Weekend Numero Uno

This weekend was my brother's engagement party in Colorado. Friday afternoon my parents and sister picked us up and we drove to Rawlins Wyoming. Now I drove through Wyoming once before in my life but I'd forgotten. Wyoming goes on for EVER! Saturday we got to Colorado. Saturday night was their engagement party. It was fun considering I knew no one there. I took my camera, okay well Brett's, with the highest intention of taking a lot of picture but only took two and neither were actually in Colorado. So since we just got our invite to the party I decided to use it to illustrate what I did this weekend. (Of course I couldn't just post it I had to digi-scarp it cuz it wastes way more time. The paper and embellishments were from shabby princess. I was using a different paper at first but photoshop closed on me before I had saved it and then while looking for embellishments I found this paper. I figured it would be perfect because Maddie got an adorable paisley serving bowl at the party. Also I don't know about all screens but I know on my screen the color on the announcement is off... maybe I need a new scanner. Oh and I whited out all their personal info (since it's not my info to share) and that is why there are large white gaps on the announcement.)

Anyway, the party was mostly fun because parties are inherently fun and because of my sister-in-law Kim and her fancy camera. My brother and she have a Nikon D40x which she let me play with. I was determine to master Boken (which I had read about from pioneer woman) using the shot gun shell christmas lights used as decoration. Well the for us the boken was broken and never really worked out. But trying was fun. Although I looked like an idiot standing on the couch with my head against the wall or laying on the floor taking pictures of lights.

Sunday was a long drive back from Colorado and then frantic studying for my two tests today.. that is right two! And on friday I get to do it all over again, the drive that is, for an AIChE conference.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life is a learning process.

Well I've made my own header for the first time. As you can see I'm a bit excited for spring.... it was a lot more fitting before I realized it was snowing outside. I also made a new background to match by following the directions here. But the background didn't stretch to fit the screen like they said it would and the solid part that the text goes over (they said use 7.5 in.) wasn't wide enough. So i'm sticking with white till I can figure out how to fix it. Any one have a different method for creating your own background??

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The day of love.

I've never made a big deal over valentines day. I never felt lonely when I was single and since I haven't been single I haven't made that big of a deal over it. But I figure it's a good excuse to do something nice for my honey.

For valentines day I bought Brett a new computer monitor for our desktop. Before we had a huge monitor from like 9 yrs ago. I never realized how big it was till we got the new flat screen hooked up. I had the best intentions of saying the monitor and giving him it today but it showed up on Wednesday and he was so excited to see what was in the box I let him open it (in exchange for opening it early he is in charge of webelo's for the next two months). Now to be completely honest... I really really really wanted the new monitor too so it's as much for me as him.

Last night he came home with a dozen roses and began looking through recipes. I asked him what he was looking for and he replied that he wanted a lasagna recipe because he knew it's one of my favorites. We ended up making it together and it turned out absolutely fantastic... My mom's lasagna recipe is the best ever... I'll post it on my recipe blog one of these days. Following lasagna we went grocery shopping and then rented a movie of my choice. (I chose sisterhood of the traveling pants 2.)

Today I was suppose to/really needed to go up to campus and get homework done but instead I spent the day with brett doing a lot of nothing. This afternoon I was spending some time learning all sorts of new fun stuff on photoshop when I realized Brett had disappeared. I called out to him and he replied from the bathroom. I didn't think much of it cuz well.. guys are guys. So I started making bread for dinner. I saw Brett doing something in the closet and didn't think anything when he replied 'looking at the board games'. Then he came into the kitchen with a pen behind his ear. I thought to myself 'he took a pen in the bathroom with him? weird.' but when he said he had found it in the couch I let it go.

Finally I went to watch TV and saw a yellow sticky on the TV screen wishing me happy valentines and telling me to go get a pepsi to put in the fridge. In the pepsi was yet another note telling me to look where I would go if I was board. After retrieving a chair to stand on I found a note in the board games saying chili was a great V-day dinner. From the chili in the cupboard I was sent to 'search high and low in the throughn room'. I spent a while searching the bedroom before brett told me he meant throne room. Under the bathroom mat was a reminder I need to clean the bathroom floor (the dirty floor was reminding me, not another note from brett) and a note telling me to put my shoes on and check the mail. I spent a while running around the apartment looking in all my shoes. And when I say all over I mean all over... my shoes are highly susceptible to entropy. Well I decided to skip the shoes and run to the mail box. That is where I found out I was actually suppose to put shoes on because I was next sent to his truck. Disregarding the new snow on the ground I ran out and found August Rush in his truck. (If you missed it Brett was in the bathroom planning the scavenger's hunt, no I don't blog about bathroom use!)

I thought it was really sweet of him. Dinner was interesting to make. I decided to try to make broiled shrimp (brett's favorite at sizzler). Well they turned out decent but the pan I used will buckle in the heat making a horrible popping noise. Just after putting the shrimp in the oven There was the horrible popping noise and a spark of light. I think the light was caused by butter popping and hitting the broiling element. It was a stressful few minutes of hoping I don't break the stove or burn the apartment down.

All in all it was a good, layed back day. And valentines day was the excuse to do nothing. How bout ya'll? Do anything fun?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So my blog should be called my homework distraction... today from my bioprocessing (thus the post title) studying. But I just had to direct you all to the left side of the screen. Below the about me and above my playlist. See how I switched from listing you all under a simple list but now it's a blog list... thus it includes the title of your latest blog and it even orders you by when you updated last. Mostly I did this because it was be faster than clicking on every blog to see if you've updated. I know this doesn't make sense because this is where I waste time not save it....

But now I have a challenge for you! Be at the top of the list as often as possible. And the prize... I'll visit your blog the most because it means you've updated most recently. (Joannie you are exempt for the competition since your blog is pritave it stays where it is. But it means I will manually be checking your blog constantly so you better update ;))

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In honor of a short post.

I promise to keep this short.

Brett and I just spent the last hours searching for cruises and flights for next fall break just for fun. $1200 would covers flights and the cruise for both of us. Sounds tempting... we just have to remember that doesn't include tips, excursions, and the many many souvenirs we'd surely buy. Plus of course the new clothes we (okay actually just me) would need. So although $1200 sounds do able I resisted. We'll just have to keep dreaming.
But in honor of the evening here are some pictures from the cruise I went on with my family in high school. (none of these pictures are the most flattering but they are the only ones I had on my computer.)How cool is my dad who got us a limo to
pick us up from the airport?!?!

We only look exhausted from hiking up Mexican Ruins all day.
It really was an awesome day!

Gotta love the fresh sunburns.

Oh yeah... and the food was AMAZING!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can someone clear something up for me.

So I judged a science fair for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders today. And let me tell you it was a riot. For the most part I was really impressed by how much the kids new. Although now that it's over I'm still wondering about what one kid told me. Is cloning illegal??? Have we clones a human??? Do they know enough about cloning humans to know that it causes lung cancer, heart disease, and lot's of other problems with our body and that is why it's illegal. Now I don't watch the news much and I'm not really into anything biological so maybe I missed the cloning thing but last I heard we'd only clones sheep. Another boy told me he wanted to make solar powered muscle cars. That sounded a bit like an oxymoron to me but more power to ya kid. I was completely blown away by some of the kids. One boy tested to see if there was bacteria living in freshly fallen and day old white snow. He found that yes there was and a lot of it. I asked him in the end if he'd still eat snow and he told me yes just not a big bowl of it. I think I was cured of ever eating snow, white or yellow. All in all I thought the kids all did fantastic jobs... accept for the boy who wouldn't tell me about his project, he just sat in the corner and read... I felt a bit bad for him.

Since being enlightened at the science fair I shut down my human cloning machine since now I know it's illegal, stopping internet shopping for solar powered muscle cars because the boy who is going to invent them is still in 6th grade, and decided to not eat the fresh snow outside for lunch. Instead I took part in my new found hobby. Digital scrap booking. I'm really proud of this page because I branched out into embellishments and discovered what .rar files are and how to use them.
This time I found everything from http://digiscrapdepot.com/freebies/. But of course the photo shop actions were still courtesy of thepioneerwoman.com.

And don't worry. These scrapbook pages won't go on much longer. I'm beginning to run out of page ideas and decent pictures on my hardrive.

Monday, February 9, 2009

You'd think I have nothing else I need to do.

Well I wasted yet another few hours creating a scrapbook page on photoshop. I enjoy doing this immensely. Maybe that is why I feel so guilty doing it when I have homework and housework to do.
This time I got the paper and embellishments from shabby princess. Someday I'll print all these out and put them in a scrapbook but in the mean time they only really get shared here.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally another weekend..

It's finally Friday. After a lot of homework and a mass transfer test I made it to another weekend.

So I don't know how many of you check my blog regularly but if you have within the last 30 hrs or so you may have read the tag I completed 25 things about me. If so ignore it completely. See I always go through a really depressed phase right before a test and I posted that during my low point. If you never read it you missed some facts about me but also me being hard on myself.

On to lighter but still depressing topics. Since it's friday night i took the time to play around with photo shop come. I downloaded a template and was making basically a scrapbook page of our trip into yellowstone park during our honeymoon. I spent a good hour or so on it. Selecting, editing, and cropping pictures. I was putting my last picture in when photoshop crashed. Of course I never saved it nor did I say the editted pictures I put into it. I'm a bit sad because I actually liked how it was turning out. I think I even would have posted it here to show it to all the world. But it's gone now and I'm not sure I'll redo it..

UPDATE: Well I didn't redo the yellowstone page but I did do this one. I'm not completely happy with it. Some of the photos were low quality and I don't like the drastic differences in colors/tones from photo to photo. I also had a heck of a time coming up with a background color. I wanted girly and feminine but couldn't get one that looked good with all the pictures. I defiantly wouldn't call myself a scrapper of a photoshop aficionado but I enjoyed making it so take it for what it's worth.
I got the template, paper, and embelishments from here. And actions used on the pictures from here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I need another weekend.

You know those weekends that are so busy that you need another weekend just to recover. This weekend was almost that bad. I've had busier weekends but this one was up there.

It started out Friday when I got home from school and went into a mad rush to finish our pinewood derbies. We are the webelos leaders and Brett has been looking forward to pinewood derby since we were called last May. So brett spend all day the previous Saturday in my mom's shop cutting out his dodge charger police car and my porsche carrera barbie car. Then friday we painted them and added the weight. Our weight is shot and slugs from shot gun shells which I think is funny.
This is Brett's car which was part of the free race after the official race.
This one is mine which was in the official race and didn't do quite as well... but it's hott! And of course it is the only one with pink in it.

So friday night we impounded the cars at the church and then went to a friend from my major's apartment for dinner and to play games. I now remember why I made the vow in high school to never play mariocart in front of other people, or at least people who don't already know me really really well and love me lots, and have renewed that vow. Actually that applies to all car racing games. I enjoy racing games but I'm pretty bad at them and get really loud and crazy while play them. Surprising huh? me? loud? never!.

So Saturday morning was he race day. It was pretty fun. I enjoyed seeing how into it the dad's were.
Here is Brett (isn't he cute in his uniform) helping one of our webelo's graphite his wheels.
This is the mad house that ensued after the last call to make any adjustments to cars following the parade of cars.

Following the race we headed up to Idaho. We spent that evening at my parents house. I filled out a pile of paperwork to accept a job in Idaho Falls for the summer. Yes, in case you haven't heard we're coming/going home for the summer and we're very excited about it.

Saturday evening I also realized I'm shamefully not much of a hardy Idaho girl anymore. Down in salt lake it's in the high 30's and not too much snow left. So I wore sandals home. Well news flash.. it's still winter in Idaho and I'm a wanny when it comes to cold now.

Sunday we got to sleep in YES!. A niece (on Brett's side) was being blessed and thankfully their church wasn't till 1:00 PM! Yahoo. The blessing was great and afterward was a huge gathering of people. So the baby was Brett's brother's child and the baby's mom had a brother who also had a baby being blessed (did you follow??) so there was three families there! But luckily there was enough food for all and just about enough room.

Following the party we drove home where I immediately went to work finishing homework. So tomorrow is Saturday again right???