Monday, December 22, 2008

I feel like a kid again.

So today was the first official day of winter break. No grades have been posted yet so my spirits are still high. Brett is working for my mom over break so he got up extra early this morning. I was worried I'd feel bad staying in bed when he got up... no such luck for him. This morning I fell back asleep immediately after he got up and I moved into the middle of the bed. We're staying in my parents house so we're sleeping in the bed I slept in through most of high school. It's fun to be back but I'm out of practice crawling into a bed that is belly button height. My dad woke up about about 9'ish this morning to tell me to NOT accept any packages from Fed Ex today. I was pretty disoriented and first said "isn't it Sunday?" Then I realized no its Monday. My next confusion was remembering last night when my dad asked me to sign for any Fed Ex packages. He told me yeah he had said that last night but now he was telling me to not sign for any of them. I was pretty disoriented. I got up and went upstairs where my husband was eating breakfast for the second time today. I stole a couple kisses before my dad started teasing me by asking Brett if I was also so disheveled in the mornings.

But my morning stupor didn't last long. I had Christmas shopping to do and I didn't want to do it alone. My dad was about to go to town so I hurried and got ready so I could go with him. I am so out of practice shopping! My dad went to a million different stores... some stores twice... I realized today that I never shop and when I do it's one stop for me. It was amazing to me how much money was spent. Brett and I aren't poor but money had taken on a new meaning since getting married. Sadly a fair amount of the money spent was by me... but also not sadly because they were Christmas gifts for Brett and I'm pretty darn excited to see if he likes them.

But the reason for the title was... It truly felt like I was in high school again. I woke up alone, in the middle of the bed ( I really miss sleeping in the middle of the bed, although Brett would try to convince you I still do), in the house I grew up in, by my father, and then I spent the day shopping with my dad... no husband. I kept looking at my wedding ring to remind myself that yes I am married still. Living in a one bedroom apartment makes it so Brett and I are always within talking distance from each other. It's weird being in a whole house where we can be separated by more than just on wall. Now Brett is at his brothers so it's just me and my parents.... I am married right??? Brett wasn't just a dream??? oh yeah... there's my ring... I'm not still in high school.

It's over

Hurray! It's Monday, 10:00 and I'm not in physical chemistry right now, I didn't just come from heat transfer, and I don't still have to go to thermo, fluid, and nuclear eng. !!! Awsome! The semester is finally over. I'm so excited!

I still however have about all my christmas shopping left... ugh!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Warning! TMI

For those of you who don't know TMI is Too Much Information. And in this case it is too much information about myself and my body... so if you want to stop reading now please do. But if your brave/female feel free to take a gander.

So I'm a procrastinator. I'm pretty sure I was born with it. You'd think that since my mom is type A and my dad is a list maker I'd combine that to make a lethal force of getting things done. Nope. It backfired and I procrastinate. So I got married a year ago... you know what that means.. my female doctors appointment (by this I mean an exam with a gynecologist. I'm going to stick with calling it a female doctor's appointment.) was over a year ago... you know what that means?? for the last month I've been putting of finding a new female doctor here in utah and going. And do you know what the final straw was? What finally forced me just do it?? Well last Friday my birth control pack ended so last Wednesday I went to refill it... my presription had expired three days previous. UH-OH. So they tried calling the doctor I had gone to last year but Friday came and I still couldn't get my prescription. I had made my doctor's appointment but it wasn't in time. Gasp. What is Margaret going to do... have a kid.... gah NO!

So I take Yaz which is the new and improved version of Yasmine. Well it just so happens that I had some old expired packs of Yasmine on hand. So I decided to just take them. Now I've heard stories about girls getting pregnant because they had switched pills and failed to take other precautions. So I was sure to take other precautions. Now as those of you who are of the female variety know a great joy comes at the end of every pill pack.. Aunt flow, the painters, your flower.. call it was your will... your period. So as I am every 28 days or so I was exstatic when the monthly miracle of womanhood visited me. And then quickly became anxious when that miracle was a little different that it normaly is. (I'll spare the details just this once so thank me.) I just wrote it off as being due to the pill change but a very small part of me was still worried I was preggo. (A small part of me worries everyday I'm not on my period!) Since I had a doctors appointment today the perfect opportunity to ease my worries was presented.

So I went to my doctor's appointment today already really nervous. I knew I was going to meet Ms. Pap Smear and I was terrified. And of course my female doctor was a man (I chose my doctor by proximity to my home so I could walk... beggars can't be choosers of gender). I filled out their paper work and tried my best to be brutally honest. Let me tell you I do not enjoy sharing the details of that aspect of my life with a man. Yeah sure sometimes I tell brett about it to torture him but a perfect stranger... But I put on my brave socks and told him. I was oh so taken for surprise when he said 'Oh yeah that can be a sign of pregnancy' GASP! GAH! Heart acceleration.. Small part of me thinking well can I drop out of school now??? So he had me pee in a cup to make sure. Although I really needed to pee I was so nervous I almost had to turn the sink on. As I went back to the room to change into the oh so fashionable gown my heart was racing and my palms got a little sweaty. Once I had changed I sat there looking at the poster on the wall of the stages of pregnancy. Thinking.... could that be growing in me! Once the doctor and the nurse walked in I was told my test was negative. Phew! No baby in me. For about 3 minutes though I could have been preggo! But no, my anxiety was relieved... that is until I saw the tool for the pap smear.... my legs are a bit sore from clamping them together. But it was actually quite painless. Although when he asked if I'd like to do it again I told him I'd wait a year.

So the doctor gave me some samples of prenatal vitamins. I don't know, maybe he thought I was planning on pregnancy soon (no) but he said they were still good as just a multi vitamin. And I'm all up for that. But when I called the pharmacy to make sure my new birth control prescription was in they had also filled a prescription for the vitamins. I wouldn't have gotten then but they were only $4! and I happened to have a coupon for $20 in grocercies for every new prescription. So I made $16 off those pills. And since I switched to the generic brand of birth control which was $5 instead of $25 I made another $15 off of that. Gosh I love making money! ( And that isn't even counting the $15 I made off of transfering Brett's prescription last week.)

SOOOOOOO!!! Just so you all know... No I'm not pregnant and I've now taken my first preg test ever... I'm so glad I'm not a cow cuz I'd be pretty sore right now... I'm also 31 bucks richer thanks to smiths.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

two disappointing performances on a final down three more to go.

wish me luck I need it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Don't tell anyone I'm blogging right now. I'm suppose to be writing a report for fluid dynamics that I managed to procrastinate away all day already. Now it's crunch time and I gotta finish it but I just had to tell you. I was so excited to gas my car up today! (Well actually Brett gased it up but I was sitting in the car.) I don't drive much so I don't have to gas up often but I was so excited that I finally needed to because prices have come down so much! I gassed my car up from completely empty, fuel light on and everything, to full for $16.01!!! And that was chevron gas even. I don't think I've ever been so excited to pump hydrocarbons into my car!

Monday, December 1, 2008

It can't really be over!

I can't believe thanksgiving is over. I'm so very sad.

So over break I fell in love with a vampire, was nearly killed many times and lived happily ever after. Oh wait I'm confusing my life with the books I read over break. (And no I'm not in love with Edward!)

During every break from school that is longer than just a day I usually choose a book or books I want to read since I don't get much fun reading in during the semester. So this year I read the twilight books. all of them. I also saw the movie. I enjoyed the first book quite a bit. Found the movie passable (but only because I had read the book, I would have disliked it had I not). I especially liked some of the music they used and have already added a few songs to my playlist. I enjoyed the rest of the books as well but got a little tired of then, especially by the end of the last one. Now, much to Brett's chagrin, I'm rereading all the part that I liked. (Thank you for loaning me the first book Kim and thank you for the last three books Caroline)

Thanksgiving itself was wonderful. Just sitting around relaxing and enjoying family was wonderful. My only regret was not getting to go shooting Thanksgiving morning. Last year I went with my dad, brothers, and Brett and absolutely loved it and decided it was to be a tradition. Well both my brothers were out of the state and Brett ditched me to go hunting.(evidently shooting pop cans isn't as fun as shooting flying birds.)

As I said the break was fabulous but I don't have much to blog about since I really spend most of it in the world of Bella Swan in Washington. Now I'm having trouble getting back to work... I think I'll put that off another day and go veg!