Saturday, June 27, 2009


I wanted our desktop computer brought home with us for the summer so I would have photoshop. I figured I'd finally have time now that I'm not in school. So not true. I used photoshop for the first time this summer the other night. Here are the fruits of my labor as well as pictures from trips Brett and I have gone on. (Please note... I was having fun with photoshop and I realize some of the pictures look 'photoshoped' but I wasn't trying for a natural look.)

First we have our trip to southern Utah during finals week. Less than smart me told the INL my start day was the Monday after school ended. This left no time for a camping trip. When I realized I have a final on Friday and not another until Wednesday we decided to go during finals. (Maybe not the best idea but I did well in all my classes so it worked out.) We went down to zion national park again. We hiked Angel's Landing. Very fun hike but maybe not for the kiddies. Below is a picture from the top. Left is the original. I was disappointed at how washed out all the pictures were. The right is photoshoped. Still not perfect but or the single touch of a button its better.

Last weekend Brett and I decided to celebrate our 2 year since our first date/1.5 years of marriage. Thursday night we went to Guys and Dolls at the Playmill Theater in West Yellowstone. Friday morning we got up early, went to eat the the Running Bear in West Yellowstone and then drove through Yellowstone National Park, down through Teton National Park and then stopped in Alpine for some fireworks. It was a very fast trip but lots of fun.

And while getting the above pictures off the desktop onto a jump drive to get on this computer I found these little gems. (I added what I'm probably thinking in the pictures)

I'm coming

Maybe I'm not coming.. this is hard. Making this face helps though..
GROAAAAAN with exertion... or concentration. I'm sure glad I'm making this face so the camera knows how hard this is... I have an awesome helmet on.
I guess I better smile because 9 years from now I'm gonna wish my gluteus maximus still looked like this. And am I having a gothic day today or something?
I might have taken some liberties with what I was thinking. But I really do wish my butt still looked like that. This was from a climb I did with my mom and brothers in 2002. The climb was Baxter's Pinnacle in the Teton mountain range.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What I regret most from high school.

In reply to Amber's comment on my last post of 'if that is the worst thing you did in high school you were a saint' No,the way I handled that boy wasn't the worst thing I did in high school but here is my biggest regret from high school.....

I did my fair share of mistake making in high school but I don't regret the mistakes so much because of the lessons learned. My number one regret was being mean to someone and never making the wrong right. My first year in high school was marked by a transition in friends and a new ability to leave campus for lunch. By the end of sophomore year our lunch group consisted of my best friends Brittani and Katrina, a few boys and another girl, I'll refer to her as Jane although that isn't her name. Brit, kat and I were pretty well inseparable but lunch was about the only time we'd hang out with the boys and Jane. Jane was really about the sweetest girl and we would invite her to do stuff outside of school but she always declined. Maybe we could have tried harder. Well the boys decided Jane was a bit weird and so on the last day of school, when we had an extra long lunch and were planning on going to go to my house, convinced me to ditch her for lunch. So we made plans to meet at a different location inorder to avoid her coming along. Well we went to lunch, I had one more class that afternoon and then summer started. I didn't see Jane again and so never had to see if she realized we had ditched her or thought it was just an accident that she was left behind. Actually I know she had other friends so I don't even know if she was planning on going to lunch with us that day. Summer passed and since we never hung out with her outside of school I didn't see her. School started again and I never really talked to her and never really thought about it... until the following spring break when I came home from vacation to learn she had been killed. Apparently she had snuck out of her house with a boy, I seem to remember the newspaper article saying he had been drinking, and when they missed a curve in the road they flew off the rode, were ejected from the car and both died. The fact that I never apologized or even spoke to her again and now won't have the chance to is what I regret most from high school. I know that Jane had other friends and I don't think what we did that day was the end of the world for ther but I still did something that was less than kind to her and never fixed my mistake.

So I ask you, is there someone you wrong and you haven't made it right yet? Don't loose the chance to make it right and remeber what garth brooks says:

... I've lost loved ones in my life
Who never knew how much I loved them
Now I live with the regret
That my true feelings for them never were revealed
So I made a promise to myself
To say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance
Where there's no second chance to tell her how I feel

Friday, June 12, 2009


You ever have someone do something that bugs you and you just want to yell out and tell everyone how much it bothers you but you don't because you know your being silly and you don't like confrontation. Plus you can't blog about it because your blog isn't private and you don't want it to come back and bite you years down the road when the person in question happens upon your blog and calls you out upon it. Having one of those afternoons.

That makes me think of a random story to tell:
Just after I turned sixteen my interest was sparked for the boy who sat across the room from me in English class. I couldn't believe it when he singled me out for attention. (He was actually the boy who took me on my first official date.) Well as with most girls once they get attention from the boy they move on... and I had moved on but was still getting attention. Well one night I was expressing my dislike of the attention to my friend in the girls bathroom at church. Little did I know another girl was in the bathroom and was good friends with the boy in question (I think she may have even liked him but the details are a bit fuzzy). So suddenly the attention stopped which I was fine with. And I forgot about it. Until almost a whole trimester later when upon opening my locker I found a note from him calling me out on what happened. I'm pretty sure I apologized.... it may have even been in a return note (how high school is that) and we both moved on. He actually dated my neighbor down the street for a while. Well boy in question.... if you ever stumble upon this blog and realize it's you i'm talking about I'm really sorry. Thanks for teaching me my lesson.

In other news:
  • it's friday (that's not actually news its a common known fact). Which makes me very happy.
  • there is a rodeo this weekend we're going to go to.
  • it's been a rainy summer. And I love the rain. I really like carrying and wearing my rain coat.
  • I'm almost done with my project at work
Well.... that is about done as far as news I can come up with. I hope your week has been more interesting.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Its kind of weird but sometimes when I'm doing boring things I put blog commentary to my boring activity. Like tonight, while weeding the strawberry patch, I mentally created a very long blog post... It included dark clouds and a giant birds and poor strawberry plants that accidentally got pulled up. Your pretty lucky that's all of the post your getting. It was kind of long and not too exciting.

on other notes..... okay there isn't much. I work a lot, work out now and again, I don't see Brett as much as I want..... sorry life is so boring... you can keep looking over this blog..