Wednesday, June 22, 2011

11 weeks last night

Miss Vera turned 11 weeks old last night. To celebrate my parents took her for the night and I slept ALL night long (We were already at my parents since Brett's gone). Vera is of course the apple of my eye. There isn't a thing the the world that I love more than her and her daddy. She is an excellent baby and I count my blessings. What is most crazy to me is if I had taken a full 12 weeks of maternity leave that some moms do I would just be going back to work :o!! I used to think I would hate working while having a baby at home but the time away allows me to use my brain, talk like an adult, talk about more than poop and naps and feedings, and I cherish her so much more the time I spend with her. To each their own but I have discovered that working 20 hours a week makes me a better mom than if I were with her all day. And really since she sleeps almost the entire time I'm gone.. I'm really not missing much but a few diaper changes.

Vera is a talker already. She likes talking back to me and even sings a long with music. This video was from when I was working from home the other week