Monday, February 21, 2011

5 more weeks

I have five more weeks till my due date! I very specifically say due date because I plan on having the baby in five weeks and five days on April 1st. Actually I don't care too much just so long as she doesn't come in four and a half weeks because Brett will be out of town.

In other news we finally moved into our house. We still need to do a little work... okay a lot of work. But It is habitable and the only time you notice there is no trim is when you mop the floor. We moved in two weeks ago and we LOVE it. My kitchen is amazing, thank you Brett!

I have a prego picture from last week to post... but the cables to connect the camera to the computer are MIA. I'm sure they are in a box somewhere. I also have a picture of Brett with an empathy belly on from baby class... but my scanner is not hooked up. Really the good parts of this post (pictures) aren't available but I wanted to let you know they are coming soon.:)