Monday, August 24, 2009

I wish...

I wished I lived in a perfect world where no one does stuff like steal your husbands bike. Yes someone stole my husbands bike from out back parking lot. They cut the lock... judging by the pile of cut bike locks we weren't the only victims.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I had big plans

So I had big plans this summer to learn how to sew adorable aprons. I'm about to sew my 4th apron of the summer and this is my goal.. follow the directions the entire time. This is a summary of my aprons. If you are lucky someday you'll get pictures.

#1: This one actually turned out pretty well. I like it. I didn't think I was going to make it through this apron. It is only a half apron (i.e. only the waist down) but they were using words like basting (and I didn't have a turkey to baste) and binding ... all sorts of words out of context. So I gave up on the direction and winged it. I'd wear this apron in front of other people.

#2: This one I made for my sister. My mom has a ton of really long ~5" wide strips of fabric. I pieced white and blue strips together and made a very simple half apron. This one was pretty easy except I wished the surger had already been set up. It would have made it a lot faster and easier and neater.

#3: My mom decided she wanted an apron too... I started to do the same as aprong #2 but with the surger. I screwed it up again and again and finally gave up... I then bough some really cute thick dark green and blue fabric and made my first full apron. I used a pattern but didn't follow the directions in the least. This one is by far the worst as to date (I still have to finish apron #4). It was bad enough I added pencil pockets and told my mom to go ahead and wear it in her wood working shop.

#4: Well this apron is totally cute and very bright colors. I still not sure they match but its a bit late now. I just cut out all the pieces. I'm about to go downstairs and sew it and follow the directions the entire time. I'll tell ya how it goes.

I had big plans to sew aprons for christmas gifts... not going to happen this year... probably not even this decade.

P.S. It was my last day of work for the semester. I'm actually sad about that. I guess heels will go back to being just for Sundays.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Hey guess what! Schools out for summer. Only problem is it starts up again in two weeks. I just finished up the last test for the three classes I've been taking this summer. I took Human Geography, World Geography, and Leisurely Behavior and Human Diversity. The first two classes are just what you expect. And the third well... a class with leisurely behavior doesn't automatically mean it will be a cake class. But it really wasn't too bad. I'm just happy I'm done with them. Now I think I'll go buy books for next semester.... talk about a drop in my bank account!

OH But in awesome news.. My husband got a tuition waiver (plus he's on the deans list for excellent grades)! That means he and I both have tuition waivers now. We're awesome like that.