Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I stole someone else's kid.

Okay I didn't really steal anyone's kid but I did borrow a picture of a nephew from the last Marshall family reunion to try out the photo shop I just had installed on my computer. I have been yearning to try out one of PioneerWoman's photoshop actions so I just had to put my homework aside and just try one picture. With minimal effort and under 5 minutes. I went from this adorable picture:to this:
I'm not sure I would leave this picture as my final product but considering I do have lots of homework plus a cub scout fundraiser tomorrow night that I need to get ready for I've already wasted enough time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

There is beauty all around.

I am so absolutely, completely, totally in love with fall colors. I got to the store and see the decorations and want to fill my apartment with them. Then I realize once the season is over I'll have to store all these decorations and there is so room for that. So I decided to fill by blog with the fall colors that fill my heart these days.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a quick update

Brett is doing awesome. He is sore but never 'testy' or grumpy... He is however in a good amount of pain and complains about the pain in his tongue from where he bit it. Evidently while he was asleep he bit his tongue while they were trying to put tubes down his throat. Ahhh, I love that my husband is stubborn even while in a drugged slumber.

I am however awaiting the day when I can say to him, while we are both watching a movie, "will you put these Reeses away and get me the caramels?" And he does it for me. And then, just like he did to me, I will say, "Oh wait, the caramels are right here." When he can't find them. Pay back will be sweet.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My last name's Marshall so....

A few months ago I wrote that my last name is Marshall so I'm tough. Today... My last name's Marshall so I have awful luck. Now don't get all worried yet everything is fine it's just ironic the mishaps today. So in my last post I wrote that Brett has cancer (not so lucky in and of itself). Today he went into surgery and it went great (as great as surgery can be). They'll run some tests and we will know for sure if it was cancer or not. Now the bad luck comes in. We spent last weekend at home in Idaho which was fantastic. We spent Saturday with Brett's family and Sunday with mine. However, the fabulous-ness ended about 40 miles from Salt Lake when my stomach started churning. The bad luck at least subsided long enough that I made it home. But the minute I got into the bathroom... oh boy was I sick. I'll stop there to avoid an over share. So the rest of the night I was in and out of the bathroom, sick a few more times. I think I honestly slept a few hours worth on the floor outside our bathroom. This morning when I got up the sickness had turned into just nausea. I honestly spent most the night thinking "No, not now, not before Brett's surgery" but just kept remembering that Heavenly father will not try us above which we are able to bear. So with the faith that I would survive I got up and got ready and cleaned up before Brett's parents arrived. Once they arrived we learned that they too had gotten sick.

So after spending the day nauseous in the waiting room of the hospital Brett came home and felt better than all three of us. This evening Brett's parents decided to leave because, in Brett's dad's words "If I'm going to dye I want to do it in my own bed." So they headed out only to quickly return reporting a flat tire.

I honestly just sit here wondering if I could have avoided this bad luck if I had kept my maiden name.... It's good Brett's worth all the bad luck.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The word of the day.

Today has been sponsored by the letter "C" and the word of the day is cancer.
Let me tell you it's something that happens to other people but not to you or your family and then it does and every third word you think is cancer. (excuse the run on sentence but my thoughts have all been run on the last 48 hours.) So my advice, do what you need to do to get your check-ups so you can find it early because it can happen to anyone.