Monday, November 15, 2010

Things are kicking in.

So my official due date is 19 weeks from today (meaning I'm not having a baby 19 weeks from today right?). And the pregnancy is coming a long. Over the last month or so I've thought I might have, maybe, could have felt a kick but never anything for sure or consistent. But yesterday during sacrament there were two girls unhappy with the waist band on my skirt. But I wasn't kicking anyone over it. I've felt plenty of 'that was for sure a kick' ever since, normally when something is pushing on my belly. I would agree with the 'it feels like popcorn popping' statement. And although I wouldn't really say 'I'm showing' much this little girl is starting to take up enough space that a full bladder or stomach has no place to go but out. I'm sure soon enough she'll start moving in the outward direction too.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Blog Name At Last

I've finally gotten around to putting up my new blog name. The majority of people who read my blog will not be surprised but for those of you who don't talk to me as often... Yes I'm pregnant. I'm 20 weeks along, I'm due March 28, it is a girl, I feel great... I think those are the typically questions I get asked. There is one think I'm surprised about with pregnancy. I used to see ultrasounds or widgets of 'what your baby looks like now' and get pretty freaked out. They just looked like aliens to me. Now they look cute and adorable to me(in a 'I hope they grow out of that slightly E.T. look' sort of way of course)! I still won't but one of those widgets on my blog but I may post an ultrasound picture or two.
But alas, I've devoted enough time towards the 'mother' part of my self descriptive blog title and now I must get back to the engineer part and do some homework.

P.S. Please make grammar/spelling comments on the blog title and blog description so I can fix them. That means you Sarah!