Thursday, April 30, 2009

Filled with....

I've developed a head cold in the last day. It's not much fun and I've made friends with Tylenol (although I take this sparingly). Stress always seems to wear down my body... for some reason this cold hit before the stress actually ended.. convenient. So I have a report and a journal due Monday, a test tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. Really I'm not that stressed but my body decided to weaken anyway. I wish my body kept going as long and my brain. I'd get tons more done. Anyway my tactic of combating head colds is vitamin C and fluid. I think I'm at about %1000 percent of my vitamen C daily value and well.. I have to go to the bathroom about every 20 minutes because of how much liquid i'm drinking. This fits in perfect with my procrastination of writing my report. This is what happens. I'll sit at my computer, do random things like check email or read an article, decided to start my paper. I'll open my paper and then decide I need to go to the bathroom cuz my bladder is full. I'll finish up with the personal stuff then sit at my computer again. Then I'll remember an email I need to send or this and that. By the time I've gotten to my paper again I need to go to the bathroom again. This leads to my paper being barely started and me sick of the smell of my bathroom hand soap. But now I better go. I'll work on my paper for a few minutes, probably have to go to the bathroom again and then dilly dally some more. (but in better news my sore throat is almost gone and now I've only got a pluggy nose.)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Filled with discontent

I know why I'm not suppose to do homework on sunday.. because I get so angry at my teacher for not teaching how I think he should (this is my way of trying to nicely say i think he's teaching crappy). It makes me so angry I'm thinking not very nice thoughts and thats not very christ-like is it. And homework frustration make me eat... a lot.. and then I feel bad about myself because I justa at a lot of candy that really I didn't want to eat. Thats why i'm giving up on homework and going to read my book.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Empathy that comes through experience

Usually I try to keep posts light and fluffly but sometimes life gets serious.

As most of you know my wonderful husband was diagnosed, went into surgery for, had radiation for, and became free of cancer between October and December of last year. It was an amazing growing experience. Is that a requirement? That the first years of marriage aren't enough of a growing experience but you have to be tested even more? I think that Brett and I took it in stride. We managed to maintain optimism (which was easier considering it more easily treated type of cancer) and laugh through the hole thing. From crying in front of my boss, studying for a P.Chem test through CAT scans, nausea in a hospital waiting room, to ringing a bell of triumph at the final radiation treatment every moment was a moment of growth and learning. While one of the most valuable things was growing close with Brett something more was attained that I never realized the value of. Empathy. I'm a cry baby. I actually got it from my dad. And while I managed to not cry much during the 'ordeal' I find myself easily moved to tears during little things like an episode of everybody loves Raymond or extreme makeover home edition where people, real or fictional, are touched by cancer or illness. To know the feeling of worry that can so easily take over, to know the fret 'of what more can I do I feel for these people'. I barely kept the tears from brimming over when, as a cub scout pack, we visited primary children hospital. I still can barely fathom the pain of seeing your child in pain and suffering. Mow, I try to not express my religious beliefs here because they are sacred to me, however I cannot touch on this without realizing that this is why our Savior and Older Brother had to suffer and feel the pains of all man kind, so that he can empathize and therefor succor each of us.

I'm sure Brett would prefer to have a part of his body back, I however find the gains of the experience invaluable (okay maybe they have a set value... they are called medical bills).

(I also guess this would be a good time to let everyone know what Brett just had his 3 month check up and everything looks good.)

Just because I can't have an entire serious post.... Can I just say I love the show "The Joy of Painting'. I'm pretty sure that's the name of it. It's the guy with the Afro that paints happy trees and serious trees and all sorts of personified trees. I find his show very relaxing. (Oh yeah and I don't paint)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

You gotta love conference weekend.

Most people love conference weekend for the relaxing PJ filled weekend that it is for most. For my family it usually involved a trip to salt lake and at least 1 session in the conference center. (Since living in salt lake I don't have to take a trip to salt lake of course... i'm already here silly!)
This conference was no exception. It has been a fantastic weekend.

Friday night was a mission reunion for Brett. I did not want to go. I had gone to one with him while we were dating but I didn't complain, went, and had a pretty fun time. After we stopped at the hotel my family was at and chatted with my brother, sister-in-laws and my dad.

Saturday was an early morning. We went to the morning session. It was awesome all the talks were fantastic. After the session Brett went to see one of his friends. My dad took me to lunch and then we went to fashion place mall to put the invisible shield on his new phone. After dropping my dad off I stopped at the store for the third time in 24 hours. Why did I stop at the store so much? Because I invited all my family over for refreshments after priesthood session. This means that starting at the end of the second session of conference I started cooking and cooked for 4 hours till people arrived at 8:45. This is in addition to the hour or so of preparation the night before. Here's what we had:
Spinich Dip
Seven Layer dip
Buffalo Wings
Sticky Fingers
Bacon Wrapped halapenos
ranch and blue cheese dressing
and chocolate cake.
None of which was very healthy but all of which (luckily) turned out tastee. I made all of it from scratch besides seasoning packets... those technically aren't from scratch but close enough. I was pretty proud of myself that I got it all done and my kitchen was still presentable when I was done.

Following gorging ourselves on food we started talking about the comedians on the worship channel. We youtubed some of them for my family to watch. And at that moments the fates aligned and this video played on our computer:

Brett and I had heard Tim Hawkins before on the worship channel but never heard that songs. And when I saw the video played on our computer I mean it did on its own accord. You know how with youtube once one video ends you have to click on another for it it play. This one played on its own.. we were meant to hear it I guess.

I must say. I love the worship channel for bringing so many laughs into my life. Thank you congress for forcing DTV upon us and how giving my the worship channel.

Anyways, the weekend has been great. Just thought I'd share that with you.