Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Surpisingly Fun

On Monday night we had a small group of friends over. Brett bought catch phrase at my request so we would have a group game to play. We didn't get a chance to play it Monday and I was a little mad at myself for making him buy it because it wasn't cheap. Last night I pulled it out and we started playing it, just Brett and me. It was sooo much fun. I didn't think it would be with just two people. I think it was mostly because of Brett because he comes up with some really out there clues and usually I get them, I figured it's because we've been married so long now. So try it... play catch phrase just you and your hubby, you'll learn a lot about each other.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorite Christmas Tradition

One Christmas long ago(ish) my family was in Salt Lake City to see the lights on temple square. We wandered into the still fairly new conference center to find a concert going on. Gladys Night was preforming with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Ever since we've all packed up and gone to Utah the second weekend in December to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert. I think we've only missed one maybe two of the concerts since that year. This is my favorite tradition. It's changed a bit over the years. That first year we walked in and found many open seats. Now it requires careful planning on the part of my father and a little luck to get tickets. This weekend is the concert and I'm totally psyched. This year Natalie and David McCullough are the special guest. Below is a video of one of my favorite stories told during the concert. I tear up a little bit every time I hear it.

On another note, I got a job offer from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. My first real job offer!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm home!

I made it home. I have no picture from today since I coulnd't take pictures. This was our basic, basic schedule today. First we drove around the base a bit and got our badges. Then we toured the decommissioned USS constellation. I also saw a few other carriers but didn't get to tour them of course.

We went to lunch at a restaurant on the water and even saw a whale. The afternoon was talking about benefits and what the job is. Turns out it wasn't so much an interview but a wine and dine type thing. I went out shopping and was worried about my outfit and then really never took my coat off because it was FREEZINGish (not actually compared to utah though).

Then I hurried back to the airport. Only to find out my flight was delaying causing me to miss my connection at LAX so they rebooked me on a direct flight home on a different airline. I got home three hours earlier than my original flight was. That was nice.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Seattle day 2 in reverse again

Today was fun. I like that this company flys out into the area a whole extra day so you can get to know the area.

So first we went to church. The ward was one of the nicest wards I've ever been to. To get to church we had to cross an awesome bridge.

The mountains in the area, although a little farther away than they are in SLC, are amazing. It think those are the Olympic Mts.
After church we headed over to Seattle via the ferry. BEAUTIFUL

As soon as we got into downtown we went to Ivars. I got one oyster shooter. (I was sure to check and make sure shooter didn't imply alcohol)
It was weird and would have been nasty if it weren't for the coctail sauce in the bottom.
We then wandered through the Ye Olde Curiousity Shop. Some of the stuff made me gag a little.
We then went through the underground city. That is pretty awesome
And finally we went to pike place market but sadly.. we were pretty late and everything was closed. But it was also quiet and peaceful. There was a seahawks game today so downtown was full of crazy fans.
After that we headed back to get a good night sleep and prepare for our interviews tomorrow. Sadly you won't get to participate since I can't take any camera in.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Washington Day 1.. in reverse

So I'm going to start this post with a question for you. How do you create your posts? I just use blogger and I hate putting pictures in because they are always inserted at the very top and the opposite order as what I want. How do you easily overcome that problem?

So since I don't know how to get the pictures to go where I want in the order I want you get seattle day 1 in reverse (and pictures are not rotated like they should be for my convenience)

For background... I am in seattle (more precisely bremerton) to interview with Puget sound naval ship yard. I'm pretty excited about the interview and the tour. I actually really enjoyed my first interview with them while they were at the U. the job I'm interview for also sounds very enjoyable and fulfilling. But don't take this as a 'we're moving to Washington'. we taking every opportunity to open every option so we can made a informed decision as to what we are going to do come may.

That is my room. Mine, all to myself. I'm not sure which bed to sleep in... maybe i'll sleep in one tonight and the other tomorrow.
That is the pier right out the back of the hotel. Seattle is across the way.
So another girl from my major is interview with puget sound monday as well. We went out to New Delhi for dinner. we were both a bit nervous... the place was nearly empty (but it seems like nearly all of bremerton is nearly empty) We both got mulligatawny soup, roti, and we split a mango lassi ( a mango yogurt drink that is divine). We were surprised how good and filling the meal was.
Here is the Seattle temple after the session I went to.
This is the seattle temple when I finallly arrived. I was in a bit of a hurry to get inside so I didnt' get to look around much.

That is down town seattle. I got this picture the address I found for the seattle temple is actually the U of W institute building. Thus I got to drive a lot farther than I would have otherwise in nearly dead stop traffic. this is downtown.. where I will be tomorrow. Actually trying to get to the temple was quite interested. Sarah got really jealous when she found out I was at her old campus.

I'm not actually old enough to rent a car but since i'm on 'official government business' they let me. This is my rental. I love it. I now want one of my own. I was also really really nervous about driving. I hate driving in Salt Lake, I thought seattle area would be horrid. its amazing, from my few hours of driving here, I've found that around here the slow lane means slow and the fast lane means fast. Utahan's should take note. I've also fallen in love with the GPS my dad loaned me.. he might never see it again.
I love looking down on the world from a plane. I'm pretty sure I saw lake tahoe and mt hood from the plane today. (instead of a direct flight I had a layover in San Fransisco.. that is how I think I saw lake tahoe) if i'm wrong don't enlighted me.
This picture is sideway... sorry. I've never been on a plane they de-iced before. That is what this picture of. That blur in the background is a man de-icing our plane.
This is about 6:00 AM on a saturday in the SLC air port. Not only am I tired but I'm also rather scared.

So in summary, it's been quite the day and I'm too lazy and tired to make this post look good. I miss my husband dearly and it feels odd traveling with out my dad around. At the same time it feels to to prove to myself that I'm brave and tough and can do hard things.

I've always felt all new levels of anxiety. It seems when I get super nervous my stomach starts out in knots and then robbs my hands of all their blood (i.e. my hands are freezing cold while my stomach feels like ther is a furnace in there).

I've also discovered I do two things too much: blogg and watch scrubs. I have a constant monologue in my head thinking about how I would blog about that moments... about how clouds really do look like cream cheese, how maybe its fate to live in seattle since the first radio station I found was country, but mostly about how anxious I am and how it manifests itself.

So i"m going to sign off.. its my bed time. i have to be ready to take on day two.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Someone Told Me...

Today someone told me that once you become a mother you'll no longer procrastinate.... If being a mother requires being on top of things and not putting them off to the last minute... I think I need to keep procrastinating motherhood.

On another note... I'm going on a trip all alone this weekend. I have to not only find all the gates in the airport by myself but also rent a car and navigate my way around a new city all alone... My dad lent me his laptop so hopefully (don't hold your breath) I will post about each day so you can come too and I won't be so alone.