Thursday, August 26, 2010

Windows 7 was not my idea.

So about a month ago I put windows 7 on our desktop. Come to find out our wireless internet adapter didn't work with windows 7. Thus our nice new(ish) desktop was pretty useless. Well with school starting I finally cracked down and got the desktop working. No more postage stamp sized laptop screen for me. Does that mean I'll blog more... probably not.

But as an update:

This summer we've camped with family and friends, enjoyed the outdoors, got a dog, worked, worked, worked, and even starting looking at houses. I've now started my master's work here in town and work 20 hrs. a week at the INL. Brett is working construction and LOVES the fact that he is done with school.

Now that you are updated wait another 2 months for my next post (no promises).