Wednesday, July 13, 2011

two new tricks

Around July 4th Vera discovered her tongue. She stopped talking as much (like you saw in the last post's video) and started doing this instead...
within a week she had moved on from just playing with her tongue to making nice wet razzes. She will sit happily and do this for minutes on end. 
She is now also rolling over... only one direction though meaning she rolls to her tummy and then gets angry.
She loves to sleep on her side.
She is just barely beginning to laugh. Only I hear it but I swear it is the start of  joyous happy laughter.
She loves to chew on her hands, anyone's  fingers (she'll gag herself with my finger sometimes) and burp clothes... oh yeah and shirts sleeves.
She is her mommy's good little eater. She's still a milk only baby but she intently watches and grabs for our food during meals.
She LOVEs standing and probably wishes she could do it without our help.
Bottom line.. I'm completely smitten with my daughter and can't imagine a more perfect baby for me.

Here are a few pictures from her 2month-three month birthdays

Vera LOVES bathtime

One morning I was making breakfast and Vera was playing. Brett came over and whispered "I think she feel asleep" This is the only time she has fallen asleep on her own (not counting the ca rseat). It was also cute because she has her hand over her eyes which is supposedly how her grandma marshall naps.  (I know it is blurry)

That pillow made tummy time bearable and has really sped her development. Before I gave up on tummy time before she really got to work her neck muscles. Now she likes tummy time (even without the pillow) and is pushes off with her legs. Sometimes she'll push herself over the pillow and get stuck with it under her legs and her head in the ground.

We wanted a warm hat for the fireworks just in case. This one was a bit big still but oh so cute.

sorry it is rotated but Vera (and Brett) LOVED the fireworks

We put Vera to sleep on her back like 'they' say we should but sometimes she ends up on her tummy.