Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

What a rarity, a post on my blog. I only know of one person that still checks this (Hi Mark) and he already know what is up in my life so I'll skip the update and go straight for the good stuff.

New Years Day 2013-See how far they have come!

Getting our Christmas tree. Vera insisted on this one. 

Temple Square- Vera loved the lights but I had to force her into this picture. I think she thought I was going to throw her into the pool.

Saw Santa at the Museum of Idaho- Afterward had dinner as a family and found out a new neice or nephew is on the way in June, Hurray. 

Dancing to "Princess Song" (i.e. any song that has a princess displayed as the cover are by pandora) is a new favorite pass-time.  Her nightgown says Dancing With Daddy and when she wears it she has to dance before she'll go to bed.

I had visions of opening jammies, hot chocolate, cuddling, and reading Luke 2 as a family on christmas eve.  We got so far as opening jammies but the late night previous and lack of nap caught up and both girls melted down.

Look how much happier we are after a good night sleep. 

 Christmas Morning 2013! (note, vera often points with that finger and means nothing by it)
 Superhero or potty-trainee wanna be?
 New Years Eve. Had a great evening with our favorite materal side girl cousin:)
Maybe I'll post again in 2014.. maybe.