Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well if no one else will..

So no one has updated their blog since I checked them all last so I'll just have to update my own. Things are more of the same down here. The messiness of our apartment is getting worse exponentially as school is being so relentless. I had a test a week ago, a test Monday, two tests tomorrow and another test next week. OH BOY!

In none school news (of which there is very little). We went home last weekend. Brett went fishing with his brothers and I went to a ski patrol refresher with my sister. It was oh so much fun to hang out with her and just be sisters.

It was also fun seeing all my friends from ski patrol. Let me clear up some possible confusion also. You are correct, there is no snow yet, and yes we've already started ski patrol. But you must understand we do more that just ski. We also do first aid and that takes some refreshing, no snow necessary. Last Saturday's refresher was for the OEC (outdoor emergency care) instructors who will be teaching at the regular refresher on the 11th. This is always the better refresher because there are a lot less people and they are the people that I know the best and enjoy seeing the most. Now to toot my own horn. Being at school I really don't do as much first aid as I would like and I don't get the practice I used to. So I was a little nervous about getting in there and taking charge of one of the scenarios (mock accidents) they had us do. Finally after watching a few other people be PIC (person in charge) and thinking oh they could have done this or that better I finally volunteered to be the PIC. I was pretty nervous and felt pretty out of practice but when it was all said and done everyone told me how good I did and that they'd be on my first aid team anytime. That made me feel pretty good.

So now the post is over night is drawing nigh; Shadows of the evening steal across the sky.... And I need to study...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Long time no see!

Well it has been a while since I've posted anything. At least anything more interesting than school woes. Today I'm playing stay at home wife. That is what I play whenever I'm home alone, didn't just spend five hours on campus and Brett isn't home. Basically playing stay-at-home-wife (note just wife, not mother) consists of forgetting I'm a school time student and dreaming up all sorts of yummy things to cook next week. The fact that my text books are strewn across the floor makes this difficult but I'm still enjoying myself. I'm planning my favorite shrimp scampi recipe for tonight, will attempt to make pesto in my new food processor, and have a new french bread recipe rising in the kitchen. I think I'd be a better stay at home wife if I had actually finished cleaning the apartment (I did get dishes done), wasn't continually snitching left over frosting from the fridge and had actually showered instead of opting for a messy bun. Luckily I'm just pretending so I hope I get away with my faults. I'm now waiting to go grocery shopping. Waiting for what??? Nothing. I'm dressed, my list is made, I even put sunglasses on my head and threw my phone in my purse as well as put on flip flops. So why have I not gone to the store yet??? No clue. I came to the computer to turn on the music and succeeded yet. So I guess i'm a pretty lazy procrastinator stay at home wife. But then I realize that I'm home a lone not because Brett is at work but because I opted to not go with him to a BYU football game with twin brother and his wife. So I'm justified in being lazy right???

So onto more news. I'm 21. My birthday was on thursday. (my favorite thing about birthdays is thinking about how uncomfortable the birthday persons mom was however many years ago they are old and then laugh.) So 21 years ago thursday my mom was uncomfortable and ginormous I imagine... I've managed to forget the whole ordeal because I'm sure it wasn't so comfortable for me either. Thursday though was quite the day. So at school three assignments are due friday so you can guess what that makes thursday.. homework day. I sat down and started homework at 8:30 AM and finished about 5:00. Pretty depressing but I really enjoy the people I do my homework with so it was quite enjoyable. And I ate three blow pops throughout the day (yummy). don't' feel bad though things started looking up when I got home. As I was walking to our door a delicious fresh bakes cake smell wafted into my nose and surprisingly got stronger and stronger and I entered our apartment. My wonderful husband had baked me a cake and bought me two beautiful roses. And he did this although he had an assignment due in a few hours, a math quiz and chemistry test the following day. (I'm not sure putting these things off to bake a cake was actually a sacrifice for him though.) The best part though was when he excitedly handed me the mail and told me to open the top letter. To my delight and surprise the great state of Utah had granted me the honor of having jury duty. Oh wait did I say best/delight/surprise/honor?? I mean With a groan and dread I read that I had jury duty. And guess what.. they don't' schedule those things on Saturday when i don't have class! But I'm told I'll get out of it for being a student. The rest of my birthday was spent helping a tired and slightly grumpy husband (with no ability to focus at 10 at night) study for chemistry. He did apologize profusely the next day for his grumpiness although it was totally unnecessary. I know the exact feeling home sleepiness/hopelessness/panic/fear the night before a test. So all in all my birthday wasn't amazing but I've had worse. AND I can't complain because I celebrated last weekend with family.

Finally to end this post and go grocery shopping I'll list my birthday loot: A marlin .22 gun, stainless steel measuring/baking set, two DVD's I really wanted, monkey potato peeler , and a food processor. There are stories behind all these gifts explaining why I got them or wanted them but the grocery store just called and they want my money.

So finally finally here is the cake our five year old decorated for me for my birthday. Oh wait no Brett and I decorated... (note the ez-cheeze style frosting isn't as great for cake decorating as it looks!

Please excuse the messy table. Homework was happening on the other side. Oh and see the slumping edge. That was where Brett had spelled my name wrong, took off the frosting, warmed the frosting up some so it spread easier but didn't wait long enough to decorate that spot so the frosting succumbed to the pull of gravity.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let me clarify

So let me explain my post last night. I had spent the entire day in class with an eye infection. Then I was home alone trying to figure out homework by myself. I've decided it's a law of nature that all homework should be completed synergisticly. Never alone. But last night I was trying to do homework alone and quickly I spiralled into a 'woe, woe, woe is me' mood. That is why I started ranting and complaining here. But now that I think about it (and now that all my assignments due tomorrow are done) I realize I am so lucky. The fact that I have the opportunity to go to school. Especially the fact that I even make a little money going to school (well if you don't count living expenses like food and shelter). I am so lucky to have to chance to attend college, especially with one with such a good engineering department. I'm also lucky that after only about a month and a half of dating Brett loved me enough to agree to move down to Utah so I could finish school. Really, I'm lucky.

But don't remind me of that in ten minutes while I'm trying to do Physical Chemistry homework because I'll slap you.

See Me... I'm one of the ones in white on the stage. I graduated summa cumme laud so I got to sit on the stage. (I enjoy bragging myself up sometimes)

These are my bestest bestest bestest friends from high school. We were just about joined at the hips. (the horrid white gowns might hide it but let me tell you we all had hips!) Without these girls highschool would have been soooo boring!

Oh and this, this is the best day of my life. Whewii he is HOTT!. Oh and see the lace on the viel.. my mom hand stitched that onto the viel.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life as it will be.

Well school started back up. The nerve, just as I was completely relaxed and used to doing nothing after five pm (not to mention actually getting somewhat used to all the ins and outs of work) I left my summer employment, said goodbye to my paycheck, and said hello to paying money just so I can work my butt off and learn things like how much heat you loose out your window, the whose-it's something or other it takes to pump hexane from a storage take to someother take 200 m away. Yes these of course are the last two homework problems I gave up on.

So I figured I would do the same thing for school that I did for work. Write out why I like it why I hate it and tell you what i'm doing, minute by minute, everyday of the week. But, alas, I cannot think of enough things that I love about school to match the number of things I dislike about school and my minute by minute schedule is way too much and you, quite frankly, can't handle it. I'm pretty sure no one can.

You truly want to know how intimidating I find my school schedule??? I'll illustrate... If I were to say, wake up one morning with some nasty infection. Let's say pink eye. I have every right to stay home because it's contagious and all. What would I do?? Stay home?? NO! If I can stand up without puking, I'm going to school. Instead I carry Clorox wipes with me so I can sanitize every desk I sit at during the day and do my darndest to sit within a buffer of empty seats. If I owned an eye patch i would have worn it. Wait this story sounds oddly familiar... oh wait that is what happened this morning.

Yeah no joke. I have pink eye.

So just a second ago.. as I was typing, my AMAZING husband came home from webelos (I skipped because of my pink (literally pink) eye) with milkshakes. So pink eye, school work and all is nothing to be depressed about when I have my hunky husband home and a milkshake in hand.

So you all go ahead and be jealous I'm going to go cuddle with my husband while watching super nanny and pretend I don't have homework.