Friday, January 28, 2011

1 way the iPad is inferior

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

31 weeks

Here is me 31 weeks prego. Not the best picture ever, gotta love the red eye.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ten Weeks to Go

I have just under ten weeks till my due date. I still feel pretty good but my back, hips, and feet get tired more easily lately. I'm really showing now too. Someone did a triple take at work the other day then asked if I was expecting. I'll post a picture soon (maybe). I am starting to get very anxious about what I'm going to do ~10 weeks from now when this little girl can do more than just kick me when she is unhappy. I keep thinking about all the things I need to buy and all the things I don't realize I need to buy. For example, something I read the other day said something about baby fingernail clippers. I immediately thought, I don't have those... I didn't even realize I would need those. Now my mind keeps coming back to "I need to shop for the baby, I NEED to get baby finger nail clippers, what else do I not even realize I need yet??" How does anyone become a mom for the first time and survive the anxiety!?!?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winning at gambling

I'm not a horrible person but I did gamble this evening. My gambling career so far consists of this. A 25 cent scratch ticket in the Malad gas station. Stopping at the nickel slots last may when Brett and I were in Vegas, realizing they didn't actually take coins and leaving, and now this evening. And this evening we won $20. Mind you we gambled $25 but the $25 was free. Okay that doesn't really make sense... my mom and dad had gotten a $25 gambling voucher for the venetian. So tonight they redeemed it. We played the nickel slots first. I think I won a $1.25 but spent $5. I gambled away that $1.25 and didn't regret it one bit. We then went on to the $5 slots (big money players in the house!) where we spent the rest of the $25 voucher. Dad won $15 and I won $5. If mom hadn't been there I don't think dad or I wouldn't have cashed out and would have played away our winnings too. But really... slot machines are pretty boring... there isn't even the clink of coins when you win. Even pulling the lever is optional since they have a button now. So we got cash for our winning tickets, bought gelato that was expensive but not as expensive as the gelato in Paris, and enjoyed Phantom of the Opera. Pretty good night all in all.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Traveling Alone

I just set out on a trip to Vegas today. The worst part of traveling alone... having to share the tiny airport bathroom stall with my luggage. ( okay maybe that isn't the worst but it is up there) I did make it to my hotel with minimal mishap... somehow the GPS took me back to the airport from the car rental place. But I did make it eventually. Now I think I need to scavenge some dinner.