Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Both Brett and I kind of completely spaced that today is our wedding anniversary. I did remember last night before bed but today we only remembered when my dad wished us happy anniversary. It's been three years! The best three years of my life too!

Picture from May during our Yuma/Moab trip.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


When I first heard this performance I was flabbergasted at the talent. I mean of course he is good he plays the organ for the mormon tabernacle choir! But this performance was amazing and the best of the christmas concert that year!

Monday, December 6, 2010

By the weeks

 I figured I'd show a few pictures of me through pregnancy so far. Most of the pictures are random ones that are still in the camera but 2 are actually posed 'look at my belly' pictures.
Back in June - Not Pregnant Thus you don't need to see my belly.  Yes Brett regularly looks that angry for pictures. It's nothing against you.

July- About 4 weeks pregnant. This was pre-'puke for an entire weekend straight' so I actually got a bit skinnier after this. Thankfully that only lasted one weekend and I feel very blessed at the fact.

My birthday-13 weeks- I think I actually look pretty prego in this picture but it is really just the shirt and poor posture. I bought the shirt rather early in pregnancy thinking it will fit for months. Well it still fits but it's too cold to wear it now. Oh well, it was on sale. I do have a picture from a few seconds later that much better represents my size at the time but I like this one. My face says "Brett you spelled my name wrong on my birthday no-bake-oreo-bars, we've been married 2.5 years now!" and his says "I know how to spell your name I just ran our of room so I left out a few letters. Don't be so sensitive."         

November- 22 weeks- This was before Thanksgiving
December-24 weeks- This is after Thanksgiving. Again there is a better picture a few seconds later where I don't look so scary white but JD looks best in this picture. (P.S. look Mom I'm wearing the maternity pants you keep asking me when I'm going to start wearing. My belly is almost big enough to hold them up now!)
The last few days I feel like I can almost see my belly growing, although I still have a ways to go I know. I am pretty sure Thanksgiving helped me look the part of being pregnant. Our little girl is still kicking away but thankfully not keeping me from anything like sleep. Brett's felt her kick a few times. And she really doesn't seem to like to sound of one of my professor's voices because she kicks and wiggles all through one of my classes but not so much the other one.