Thursday, July 16, 2009

It better get better than this.

I'd start this post with a joke about how my husband hit me so hard I couldn't move my arm last night and still can't lift it above shoulder level but spouse abuse is a serious thing and not something to joke about. So I'll just tell it like it is. Brett and I were practicing batting with our new softball bat last night. He wanted to try it out so I was pitching to him. Well one unfortunately aimed shot made direct contact with my shoulder (not so much shoulder as upper arm just below the shoulder). I cried (cuz thats what I do best) the water works lasted for a while. I looked like I had a really nice delt muscle from all the swelling.... Now I'm just sitting here projecting my shoulder hoping the bruise is pretty gnarly looking cuz if it doesn't I'm going to feel pretty cheated. Thus.... it better get better than this... referring to the bruise. (I plan on taking pictures of the progression of my bruise so you'll probably hear about this again.)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just when you get used to something....

You know how when you drive past a car wreck and you can't help but looking. Especially when its a bad one. And even if your cursing the mile long line of cars backed up for a wreck on the opposite side of the interstate you still try to get a good look when you finally drive past. Well I have the same reaction to the anti-meth billboards around Idaho Falls. They are do gross looking but yet I always look. I drive past one on my way to work and was finally over looking at it. Then this morning (or maybe yesterday) they put a new one up. Just as disgusting but new. Which means I now look at it every morning and gross myself out. I'm very disturbed by these ads, they give me the heebee-geebees (not to be confused with the bee gees... although they have the same effect on me).

And or those of you who haven't seen a good car wreck lately.
That's me pretending I'm the conquering hero. I'm not... the FedEx truck for sure won this fight.
(don't worry the pictures from 2 years ago... don't think this is recent.. don't have a freak out.. maybe I should have put this before you scroll down and see the picture... I suppose I could change it now but.. I suffer through anti-meth billboards... I'll let you suffer a bit too)