Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I might be an adult but..

Last week a new dog came into our possession. We were never sure if we were going to keep the dog. It has a ton of energy and isn't of good of a listener as JD (our old new dog) is. But he LOVES to fetch and Brett thought he was a trained bird dog and really wants a bird dog. We'll there were a few issues. My sister really didn't like the new dog and we are still living at her house. And the new dog over powers JD and so I was in a constant state of turmoil wanting to be fair to both dogs. Well for these reasons and many more we decided the dog had to go. So yesterday Brett was going to take the dog in. But we failed and placed an add in the paper instead. Then last night JD started favoring one of his legs which I blamed on 'the other dog' (which is the only name we ever gave him) so I decided he goes now. Today Brett came home at lunch to help me take him in. I started crying at the thought that no one would claim him and he would be put down. Brett said we could wait a few more days but I decided I had to be an adult and go through with the decision. So we got the shelter and the lady took some pictures of 'other dog' and asked us a few questions about what he could do. As we were talking my phone rang and it was someone calling about the ad in the paper. The lady thought it was her dog so we waited at the shelter. It turns out it was her dog and everything turned out happy. She didn't even have to pay the shelter fees since he wasn't processed yet. And she even paid my mom for the damages the dog did to her chickens. So although I went to the shelter ready to be an adult and watch sad things happen, I got to leave with a happy ending.

~Now if only my homework would have a happy ending and finish itself.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Name for this phobia

So I've developed this phobia and I want to know the name of it. I am scared of the remote possibility that while driving down the street with my windows down a passing car will flip of a rock, it will fly in the window, hit me in the temple or eye, and cause me to black out, or lose an eye, or even die. This fear strikes me often while driving but I've always suppressed it and have never rolled up my window as a result. But I can see how fears of stuff like that can be debilitating.

Also, I've decided on a new blog title. It's coming soon and it's a good one.